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Namibia`s first adress for sea kayaking with dolphins and seals near Swakopmund

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Message for Leon: This is a test!
Namibia`s first adress for sea kayaking with dolphins and seals near Swakopmund

Namyak Namibia provides day kayaking tours in Walvis Bay Lagoon area and to Pelican Point, offering visitors and locals the opportunity to view, at close quarters and from virtually sea level, the abundant and diverse bird life, the seal colonies and, at times, dolphins.

While paddling in our sea kayaks designed for safety by Paddle Yak in Cape Town the visitor will at all times receive the personal attention of an experienced guide to ensure a safe, interesting and delightful experience.
No previous kayaking experience is required. Sufficient opportunity is presented for visitors to take the most memorable photographs while learning about this unique ecosystem on the Namibian West Coast.

These tours will suit the nature lover and photographer, or someone who just enjoys being "out there" and who has an interest in and cares about the environment on a global scale.

Picnic on the beach along the way, view the salt works while passing through and see the pelicans and flamingos on the leisurely 4-wheel drive (Land Rover) to Pelican Point.

Leon Jooste, an experienced sea kayaker, and also the owner of Namyak Namibia, guides tours in single and double kayaks. All the safety equipment required will be provided.


Tel: +264 64 405488
Mobile: +264 81 205 9306

Mobile: +264 81 303 4922


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